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The last time you saw an unique and stunning classic car drive by, did you wonder if how it might have looked before its restoration? Unfortunately, chances are you’ll never know, which is what makes this two-face 1980 Holden Utomhus so gobsmackingly wonderful because it’s a rolling billboard in the best way. It’s so wild in fact that the creator had to prove it was real and not just another random internet render.

Take a deeper look though and you might understand why. Sure, the outside is very clearly bisected down the middle and one side looks about as bad as it could while the other appears pristine. What is really impressive is the particular level of detail that takes place under the skin. In the cabin, the same theme continues. In fact, underneath the hood, and even under the floorplan, this car is the two-face.

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The brainchild of Geoff and Laura Luck of GC Restoration in Queensland, Australia, Two Face is a labor of love. In truth, all the work that will the Lucks do will be, but this particular build was just a little more special. That’s because, among other things, Geoff has been thinking associated with doing a restoration just like this for some 20 years. So when a friend was willing to donate their 1980 HZ Holden Ute , one of the last before the series has been retired, Geoff and Laura decided to make the very most associated with the opportunity.

Every aspect of the particular rear-wheel drive Aussie sedan has been dictated simply by the design ethos of showing how far a car can be recovered. Take one look at the original state associated with the vehicle and it’s immediately obvious that this particular couple went above and beyond. The particular Ute had to be registrable which meant returning the old side of the car to safe functionality while maintaining the weathered appearance. The restored side required even more work.

As you appear inside the particular cabin everything is perfectly bisected at the center including the gear knob, the center console, as well as the particular climate vent that is dirty on just the old side. Under the hood, the theme continues to the point that different sides of the 308 V8 use different exhaust headers in order to achieve the particular correct appearance. We can’t think of the better way to make it clear to customers just how far their vehicles can come when put in the right hands.

Thanks to Geoff for providing the particular images

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Image credits GC Restoration

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