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There’s no feeling like hitting the open road in a vintage car—but actually maintaining one is an entirely different story, with mechanical issues, hard-to-find parts, and poor performance. Now, one company is on a mission to deliver on both the particular promises of classic car ownership, and the realities of it.

Kindred Motorworks performs every aspect of its auto restoration process under one roof in the Mare Island, California, facility. “Modernizing a vintage car is the huge advantage, ” says Rob Howard, founder associated with Kindred Motorworks. “The challenges involved with vintage cars melt away plus you’re really able to be present within the moment and just enjoy the ride. ”

New California start-up Kindred Motorworks takes unrestored classic vehicles and gives them an inside out overhaul, turning them into modern vehicles with respect to the makers’ original visions. First up from the company are a Bronco, VW Bus, plus Camaro LT, each along with its beloved lines, but with head-turning paint jobs, fresh interior finishes, and, with new combustion engines, a break at the gas pump.

The Kindred Bronco is based on the particular 1966 to 1975 Ford Bronco.

Bringing cars like these up to speed typically isn’t a process you can rush, says Kindred’s founder, tech entrepreneur and classic-car hobbyist Rob Howard. “I had a notebook where I kept track of everything I did on the car, ” he recalls. “One day, I realized how complex it was and knew I could organize it in a much more efficient way using technology. inch

The particular Kindred Bronco has been updated with a modern internal burning engine. Other features include a new high-performance drivetrain, front plus rear disc brakes, 4WD, and LED headlights.  

In essence, he put the time within up front in order to reduce turnaround on typically the backend. According to Howard, he and his team put in more than 10, 000 hours prototyping, testing, in addition to designing each model before making them available for pre-order.

The interior associated with the Kindred Bronco continues to be refinished with contemporary features—including power windows, a state-of-the-art sound system, rearview camera, leather trim, and Bluetooth.

Removable/reversible rear bucket seats bring a new level of comfort to this classic car.

With such detailed knowledge of every aspect regarding that particular model as well as the benefit of having all specialists under one roof, Howard claims often the team is able to complete the restoration inside less compared to half your time it would typically take a local shop.  

The Kindred Camaro LT is based on the exact 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

Typically the Kindred Camaro LT is a modern take on the classic muscle vehicle, with a 700 hp GM 6. 2L Supercharged V8 engine, six-speed manual transmission, power rack and pinion steering, independent rear suspension, and a 9-inch Torsen limited slip differential.

The leather- and Alcantara-wrapped interior involving the Camaro boasts Recaro Sportster GT front chairs, a MOMO Mod 08 steering wheel, Hurst shifter, and center console gauges.

This three vehicles can be ordered along with combustion engines, or as EVs. More vehicles, including a model dependent on the 1947 to be able to 1953 Chevy 3100, will be launched later this year to complete the 2022 lineup.

The Kindred VW Bus is based on the particular 1950 for you to 1967 Volkswagen Bus and is typically the company’s first electric vehicle (EV).

Diehard traditional car aficionados who take joy throughout endless tinkering might not be ready to trade up to a Kindred design, but these reimagined classics are sure to find a dedicated fanbase who want the best of both worlds: old-school style and even the comfort and reliability of this new.

Modernizing vintage cars—with often the option connected with EV or internal combustion—makes them more sustainable, a lot more reliable, together with safer. While the original VW Bus has 46 horsepower and additionally questionable braking and quirky steering, your Kindred type features an electric powertrain, disk brakes, not to mention three point seat belts.

Design features of the exact VW include a detachable table, storage cabinets, rearview digital camera, state with the art sound system, and also wrap-around seating.

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