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The nostalgia cycle has come for the 996-generation Porsche 911. The company themselves have done its part, debuting both a classic-honoring one-off 996 and a one-off 992 in the style of Sally Carrera, the particular 996 featured in the movie Cars . It makes sense that restorations of road cars possess followed, including eight entered in this year’s Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge . One of those, a manual Turbo, is now for sale in Ohio. It is not cheap.

Yes, this will be a car from 2002 that has been fully restored. As a result, Porsche North Olmsted is usually listing the car at $99, 821 . That makes it the nearly six figure 996 Turbo. As a regional winner in the Classic Repair Challenge, it’s also one of the first 996 Turbos to ever win a restoration award. All of these are substantial markers, suggesting that these cars are usually quickly transitioning from wonderful used cars heralded as future classics to current classics with collector industries of their own.

restored porsche 996 turbo


If you already own a 996 Turbo, all of this is great news. The era of looking down on fried egg headlights and is finally coming to the close for good. Unfortunately, that opening door also closes the last best chance for an affordable 911 with regard to many enthusiasts. When these price hikes reach lower-quality examples associated with more basic models, it will mean the floor price regarding any used 911 has gone up substantially. If a person want a good unrestored 996 at used car prices, you may need to act quickly.

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