Porsche Heaven At Luftgekühlt 8 – Speedhunters

Porsche Heaven In Luftgekühlt eight – Speedhunters

Porsche Heaven At Luftgekühlt 8

I’ll be honest, prior to last weekend I hadn’t been to a brand-specific car show since the pre-pandemic ages.

It’s not that I have anything against them, actually quite the opposite of that. We find these events in order to be rather interesting as they’re a great source of encouragement, inspiration and approach for myself as well as many other enthusiasts looking to modify or restore their cars. And If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that you’ve seen or heard of something obscure, interesting or artsy from the Luftgekühlt name in previous years. All of  this is totally fair mind you, because that’s literally the point of the particular Luft show and why I love it so much.


From a photographer’s perspective,   Luftgekühlt is basically the recipe for Porsche heaven as you’ll see throughout the course associated with this story. I also have no doubt that the owners’ feelings are mutual too. After all, this is the type of place where the best of the best come out to soak in a little bit associated with fame.

Speaking of which, let’s jump right into some of the curated epicness on display at Luft 7.


Rolling into the  Port of Los Angeles Warehouse No. 9 and 10 venue was a treat in itself, but walking in to the indoor section  in the  Brouwerij West brewery was exactly where all associated with the really special cars were staged. Each plus everyone of them was carefully placed in a precise location to further emphasize the quality and attention to detail. All of that paired with a beautiful wooden backdrop and warm lighting really set the scene.

With several variants of the RS models scattered around, it became quite clear of the theme they were trying to showcase this year. The theme also happened in order to follow me outside.


While making way to the picnic area, I was  captivated by a  pair of condiment-colored 993 RSs parked back-to-back way above the particular ground in the loading dock area. They were impossible to miss while indulging in craft beer and esoteric food trucks. This had to possess been planned, right? Ketchup… mustard… have a picnic area? Maybe I’m misjudging, but if that will wasn’t intentional, I’d have got to say it was the best coincidence of any car display I’ve visited.


I curiously continued making my method around to the more general area plus crossed paths with a few safari-inspired 911s, one of which usually looked to have been used appropriately not too long ago.


And across from that, a first look at the naked-carbon-specced Singer DLS within the wild. I’ve observed a few pictures associated with this thing online, yet I don’t think I can ever skip over any kind of Singer that will I get to inspect in person. These cars are genuinely the benchmark of the particular automotive restoration and modifying scene because a whole, so it only makes sense in order to get as much close-up time as possible when 1 presents itself.


The particular vibrance continued through the rest of the venue since well. There was a nice little selection of stanced ’90s 911s, various colorful long-hoods along with what looked to be matching palm trees within the distance, and even a couple of ‘unboxed’ legends that became the particular focal points for the two outside areas of the show. Oh, and I actually can’t forget this fascinating 930-based Rinspeed 969, which looked like this had just come out of an episode of Miami Vice.

But even the pixelated taillights and wide wheels from the ’80s couldn’t compare to my favorite car from Luft 6.


The ‘Luft Rat’ was hands down the particular coolest project I’ve seen in a long time. Air-cooled 911s upon bags aren’t anything new, but what makes this unique is that it is not using a 964 or even 993 as the base. They actually utilized a short-wheel-base 912, meaning this thing is very early, likely a 1967 or 1968 car. Plus being that will old means that it does not use the traditional suspension setup that most cars do. In fact , all production 911s pre-964 used torsion suspension, similar to what  you find in a classic  VW Beetle. This resulted  in the builders having to custom fabricate everything in order to make the particular 912 lay frame, plus all whilst preserving its original patina too. What an unique approach when compared to what we normally  see from the modified air-cooled 911 world.


It’s safe to state that this year was another success with regard to the Luftgekühlt team. With vivid  showcases  of vehicles from all  corners of the spectrum, Luft 8 had a little bit of some thing for everyone no matter what your preferred flavor of air-cooled Porsche might be.

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