My Classic Car: Jerry Lyndon’s 1960 Chevy Corvette C1 – Statesville Record & Landmark

When and how did you acquire the car?

I bought the car in 1968. I was 17 years old. It was my senior year in high school. I loved it. How in the world it’s survived — it shouldn’t be here, or me. … I got married in it. The oldest son used it within their wedding.

Tell us about your car (specs, restoration work, unique items).

It’s a 283 engine with two four-barrels. It’s a four-speed manual transmission. All numbers match. Original stuff. Mike Heintz rebuilt the motor within the last decade. It looks like when We bought it. I’ve painted it one time.

Do you have the fun/ interesting story about the vehicle?

In 2003, during the 50th anniversary for the particular Corvette, GM threw a big bash in Nashville. My child said, “Dad you ought to go. ” I thought, Why not? I called my best friend and asked if he wanted to proceed and he said, “Why not? ” We left from Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet in Newton. There was the caravan of 120 cars, and they asked me to lead. I actually did. With a four barrel, I was the only one that had to stop to refuel. When we got there, there was a magazine reporter who requested if he could take the picture associated with us with the car. He said we looked like “Route 66, ” the TV show. He did an article on us.

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What excites you most about owning this car?

I have had bunches of Corvettes, but I’ve always hung onto this one. There just isn’t anything about it that ain’t cool. It encompasses everything good about a classic vehicle. It wraps it all up in one nice little package.

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