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Before Christmas we shared what vehicles US-based auction house Hagerty though would be the particular classic cars to watch at auction in 2023 , so today we thought we’d let you into what the experts in UK-based auction house Silverstone Auctions had their eyes on for 2023.

Like Hagerty, Silverstone Auctions is a world-spanning specialist public sale house for the sale of classic vehicles, modern supercars, all types of competition cars, modern and historic motorcycles as well while automotive memorabilia and became the UK’s market leading classic car auction house in 2020.

The company also holds the particular exclusive automotive auction rights for Silverstone circuit and host sales as stand-alone events as well as an integrated element of some of Europe’s biggest motorsport events such as the Silverstone Classic Festival.

As the challenging economic situation looks likely to continue in to next year, so the effect it may have on the Traditional Car Market for 2023 is still an unknown, but Silverstone Auctions consigners highlight what they think the cars to view will be this year.

M3s, Evos and, yes, Porsches.

“For 2023 I would say keep a good eye on any sports cars that carry their DNA from the golden era associated with motorsport plus rallying — all M3s, RS500, 190E Cosworth, Integrale Evos, special edition Subaru and Mitsubishi P1, 22bs, TME etc, ” said Steven Keen, one of Silverstone Auctions’ consignors.

“I also think that Fast Fords will continue in popularity, however buyers are becoming increasingly careful with cars from the 60s, 70s plus 80s needing to be preserved and original or very well restored plus correct inside all details to really ring the particular bell. inch

Keen furthermore expected Porsche Turbos to do well in 2023, especially Type-964, saying “for me the original GT3 RS is a must have for any serious collection. ”

He also thought a right-drive Ferrari Testarossa should command the real premium – especially the early single mirror examples : while the 550 Maranello, a right-drive Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia are also all looking strong as a future classics.

Hot hatches and Homologation specials.

Another Silverstone Auctions’ consignor, Richard Greenhalgh, suggested that will hot hatches were upon the rise, saying that “early and exceptional” examples of the legendary Renault Clio Williams have “really moved on this year, together with lots of other hot hatches like the XR2s, Citroen Saxo VTs to name a few. inches

Greenhalgh said that examples with low milage experienced made very good prices from auctions in 2022, and that he expected to see that trend continuing in 2023, along with an appetite with regard to Ford Sierra RS Cosworths and Audi Quattros.

“The JDM, 80s/90s homologations specials have got performed strongly this season (2022) and we believe still have legs to go further, together with special competition vehicles with period history, specifically Impreza rally cars, ” he stated.

Pre-war classics plus more M3s and Porsches.

Rob Hubbard, Sales Director with Silverstone Auctions has the love associated with pre-war cars and says 2023 may also see a resurgence of interest in the particular pre-war market, as collectors can see the amazing earlier engineering and have access in order to many events to enjoy.

“The BMW E46 M3 will be still undervalued, as too are the particular Porsche 997s, ” mentioned Hubbard. “These will also be ones to watch within 2023. inch

“Hubbard noted that will with the drop in the UK pound and the strength of the Euro and US Dollar, the demand regarding left-hand drive vehicles is usually also increasing and that there appears to end up being a healthy buyer group eager to enjoy classic vehicle ownership.

The old rule still applies: provenance, provenance, source!

Lionel Abbott, another Silverstone consigner, pointed out that the particular old rule still applies: “the best of breed vehicles made in limited numbers, in high quality condition and with genuine provenance will always achieve great results. inch

Abbott said that there is still a robust demand intended for the right cars as well as the Princes Diana Escort, that will Silverstone Sales sold on the Silverstone Classic Sale back in the summer is the perfect example of that.

“It was a ‘one of one’ car along with special source, marketed globally, presented to view at a well-attended and high-profile event which helped create the special atmosphere in the room and the result of all this was a price achieved that will go down within the record books, inches he said.

Princess Diana’s black Ford Escort RS Turbo sold for the world record price of £730, 000 (NZ$1. 4 million).

Likely to be an additional sort of that is a vehicle that will Silverstone Auctions will be putting under the hammer next month: the 1953 Property Rover delivered to Queen Elizabeth II shortly after her coronation.

Silverstone Sale says the particular Land Rover was built in late 1953 plus registered around the Royal number sequence NXN 1 in early 1954, the 11th example from that year. While it has a production chassis number it is actually considered the pre-production build and boasts a number of unique features, including the doors, body, roof, bumpers and twin rear doors.

Delivered to Stratstone, London, within the 3rd July 1953, the newly proclaimed Full had the particular Land Rover shipped in order to her Balmoral Estate where it has been exclusively used by the Queen, the particular Queen Mother, Prince Phillip and Prince Charles until 1966 when it was purchased plus re-registered LXC 894D by its current owner who stored it in their family garage to get a number of years.

According to rumour King Charles III (then the Prince associated with Wales) is definitely said to have recognised the particular Land Rover and, as a gift, funded and encouraged it’s exacting restoration to the immaculate state it can be in today.

Silverstone Auctions say that the Land Rover was featured on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow and also led the Land Rover parade at the Queen’s Jubilee Pageant last year.

“It’s not often that a vehicle with such impressive Royal provenance like this is offered publicly for sale, ” said Take advantage of Hubbard.

“It’s special features and Royal connections make it exceptionally interesting. This Land Rover would doubtless have been used extensively for the Balmoral estate exactly where we know the particular Royals loved to picnic. It would have been a familiar and much-loved part of Her Majesty and Knight in shining armor Philip’s private lives. ”

The Property Rover will go up pertaining to auction on the 25th of February 2023 at Stoneleigh Park in the UK.

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