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Head-turning cars are Christina Roki’s specialty. With the craziest chrome wraps and customizations we’ve ever seen, she is on a mission to create one awesome car after another. In a classic entrepreneurial fashion, she bought her first car in college with scholarship money and immediately started posting the restoration process online. Her personality is inspiring and motivating, and when she sat down with Complex to talk about her journey, we could feel the drive that she has inside. Christina Owns Her Ridges by creating opportunities for herself to take over the car industry one step at a time. If you’re wondering, Own Your Ridges means owning what makes you, you. And in It’s easy for Ruffles to notice individuals like this who have a positive message to spread across their platforms. Her crazy cars are just one aspect of her upwards and onward attitude that is elevating women in her industry and making cars seem that much more accessible.

You’ve done some pretty awesome makeovers. From your glitter wraps, to making a 1,000 horsepower drag car from out of a barn find. Obviously, there are a lot of aspects to what you do, but I wanted to ask what your favorite about customizing cars is?

So it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s always worth it in the end. I like seeing the finished product and moreover, seeing the reactions of my family and friends. They’ll hear about cars I buy to customize but they don’t get to see the car while it’s stuck in the garage. When I finally show them, they can’t believe it’s the same car, and I really enjoy those kinds of reactions.

Building off of that, car customizers like you are artists with the car being the canvas. I was curious about what attracts you to a certain car that you want to customize, and what does Owning Your Ridges mean to you?

Awesome question. So I think what draws my attention to a specific car is the potential it has. So Owning My Ridges means being able to see the potential of a cheap car, and being able to even take it to a car show or a nice restaurant. It’s cool having it valeted because they think it’s a nice, expensive car, but really it’s like a $3,000 car that we customized.

Being able to stand out a little bit and get that pride from your work almost, right?

Yeah, exactly. By taking pride in my work and showing that there’s potential in a $3,000 car or a $30,000 car.

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