CAR SOS hosts’ ‘strong responsibility’ for classic car restorations as new series launches – Express

Season 10 will see the teamwork through eight classic cars , with the vehicles and owners all coming with an unique and humbling backstory. From a Fiat Uno Turbo restored for Gerry, suffering from blood cancer, to a Citroen HY Camionette upgraded for a family who lost a loved one in the Manchester Arena attacks.

Speaking to Express. co. uk, Fuzz Townshend said the restorers aimed in order to get “everything right” for the owners to help them through the hard times.

He stated: “We have a very strong responsibility to get things right.

“People who have been within tough situations and stuff like that, we can step in.

“If we get something wrong that may become the focus, we want to make sure we get everything right with regard to them.

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“There’s been some cars we’ve been like ‘listen, the paint jobs good but it’s not award winning’.

“But it doesn’t matter because coming from got to obtain that car back to that person next week.

“Actually having however many years or months or days using the car is more important than the quality of the paint job, so just get that will beloved vehicle to them therefore they can enjoy it.

“Get out on the particular roads plus enjoy this for the reason they got it in the first place. ”

Car S. O. S returns to National Geographic with a new Season 10 airing Thursdays at 8pm from ten th   March

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