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By Srimoyee Chowdhury : A broken chassis or a tarnished clutch disk may not ignite much interest in a lot of young people nowadays, but there surely are a few who can proudly call themselves an exception. In such times when most of us are immersed in a mundane rat race and trying to carve our niche in different jobs, some youngsters from Kolkata are pursuing their passion for the past by showing the particular world their love for classic plus vintage vehicles.

Meet Souryadeep Mukherjee, Ambreen Hossain and Deepanjan Sarkar, who are usually wanting to rejuvenate the vibrant history associated with automobiles that graced the bygone era. With the high demand for assembly-line manufactured commercial cars, it is quite hard to make people interested in something that is ancient. But with that zeal to revive the grandeur of vintage and classic cars, these people are making their own mark. And without any doubt, the interesting story featuring these younger automobile enthusiasts will fascinate you plus make you engrossed in the classic car cosmos.


In an exclusive chat with indiatoday. inside, Souryadeep, Ambreen and Deepanjan spoke about what fuelled their enthusiasm for the need to preserve the history connected with cars.


Souryadeep Mukherjee with his 1974 Fiat Premier President. (Photo: Srimoyee Chowdhury)

A vehicle restorer simply by profession, Souryadeep Mukherjee grew up with a 1987 Ambassador Mark 4, his family car. Being around and admiring the particular sturdy yet unique car, his introduction to the world of vintage automobiles was initiated.

When asked regarding the cars he would like to own in the future someday, Souryadeep handed us a list of beauties. “I would like to complete a collection of HM (Hindustan Motors) vehicles, and apart from that, a Mercedes W124. It’s a classic but looks very cool with the antennae going up as you are driving and just the size of it gives this a good road presence, ” this individual added.

Yet wait till you see the list of cars he has already restored and is in the process associated with restoring.

1 . 1957 Baby Hindustan: If you’re a vintage vehicle enthusiast, then you probably can draw comparison between this unique hatchback of yesteryear with that of the particular Morris Minor. It is currently under restoration within the workshop.

The 1957 Baby Hindustan. (Photo: Srimoyee Chowdhury)
If you think the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso has an unique speedometer, let Hindustan Motors prove you wrong (Photo: Srimoyee Chowdhury).

2. 1958 Ambassador: Amongst the earliest Ambassadors produced, there were quite the few parts made in England. Previously owned by a senior advocate of the particular High Court, the car is now ready to make jaws drop.

The Ambassador. (Photo: Deepanjan Sarkar)

3. 1971 Ambassador Mark 2: This car was the first vehicle bought by Souryadeep together with his own earnings. The particular car was featured in several advertisements plus TV serials.

The 1971 Ambassador Mark 2 . (Photo: Deepanjan Sarkar)

four. 1974 Premier President Red Fiat: The car was owned previously by a doctor posted inside the medical battalion of the Indian Army. Custom ordered from the company in the crimson shade, the car was restored in a way where the original colour was kept intact. Let us tell you that this car has travelled across the country with the particular owner and his family to all the places he has been posted to. And guess what its original price was? Rs 28, 000!

1974 Premier President Red Fiat. (Photo: Deepanjan Sarkar)

Also adding in order to his impressive collection of restored cars is a 1964 Fiat, a 1971 Ambassador, along with a 1982 Fiat Padmini.

Excerpts from typically the interview:

Q: When did your car restoration journey start? Was it tough to acquire parts?

Souryadeep: I started my journey in the field of car restoration when I was in class 10. A 1965 ambassador was the first vehicle I refurbished. Getting parts for Fiat is the bit difficult, but I never faced any difficulties while seeking to procure components for Minister plenipotentiary.

Queen: What is the average cost of restoring a new dilapidated automobile and how much does one need to spend on maintenance?


Souryadeep: So whenever one gets an used vintage or classic car, they have you spend some amount to get this all brushed up plus ready to be able to hit the road. But after that, this cost is more or less moderate unless something breaks. According for you to my estimate, the servicing cost for such cars is Rs 5-6k annually apart from the paper renewals. Currently, I don’t have a workshop and so outsourcing, but building one is definitely in often the talks. The prices of these cars depend on the condition in which we get them. Yet I would say that mostly it ranges from Rs 50k to help Rs 1 lakh. It may be history to us, but it is junk with regard to people who are selling them.

Q: What is your future plan regarding classic cars?

Souryadeep: In your near future, I want to restore more cars and perhaps set up some sort of museum to display the classic Ambassadors.

Q: What three things do you think one needs to know before buying a good vintage auto?

Souryadeep: I believe one needs to know three things before owning a vintage car. Firstly, know your proper mechanic, and then gather proper knowledge about the exact parts that need repair and know how to drive the car properly. I have always found driving column shifts to be more fun than floor shifts.



Ambreen Hossain.

In a society governed by the conformist mindset associated with “women can’t drive” in addition to “women don’t understand cars”, 20-year-old Ambreen Hossain can surprise anyone with her intricate knowledge about vehicles. An English honors student, she has already published articles about automobiles for some coveted automotive magazine.

Getting the delight after watching a pile of rubble get transformed into a sleek and majestic car is a feeling only car lovers can describe. And it was natural for Ambreen to get interested in retro cars almost all thanks in order to her father’s illustrated workshop.

As a girl growing up inside the presence of a fabulous 1922 Austin Clifton and even a 1931 Vauxhall Cadet, the inspiration of doing something to be able to make people fascinated about vintage vehicles became her fervor.

The 1922 Austin Clifton. (Photo: Ambreen Hossain)
The particular 1931 Vauxhall Cadet. (Photo: Ambreen Hossain)


Excerpts from the interview:

Queen: What fascinated you within vintage automobiles? Any special memories regarding your father’s workshop you have from your own childhood while we were young?

Ambreen: I was ten when one night We entered the particular garage together with saw my father working on his bike. I had been too young to understand typically the tensed and additionally upset face while he was preparing for an important rally in which the engine started to cause some trouble. I actually went ahead to sleep. The next morning, My partner and i woke up to find my father still working on this bike. I remember feeling baffled but then I saw him turn often the key and I heard your engine growl. The sweet sound involving success. I could see his encounter light up with joy and relief. That was the exact day My spouse and i realised the sentimental value of resurrecting something dear.

Q: How do you think the younger generation will get more serious in the particular preservation connected with vintage autos?

Ambreen: I think encouragement not to mention influence takes up a very important role in getting young individuals interested where social media and also articles like this play an important part. Interesting restoration stories on internet sites like deRivaz & Ives magazine as well as classy events and shows happening around the city do have fun with a vital role inside pepping up the youngsters. Furthermore, influencing one’s friends into this by taking to typically the vintage motor vehicle shows will be something that can help boost interest.

I just appreciate all the four stroke beauties that are still running today and have been literally resurrected from the graveyard. Because it takes a lot for you to restore a car and bring it back to help working situation. So I would definitely be grateful if this matter got a bit more coverage and made people aware.


Deepanjan Sarkar with his Fiat.

You must have heard of the saying, “make your current passion the profession, ” and Deepanjan Sarkar do that exactly. An official photographer for several glossy events organised by exclusive automotive clubs, Deepanjan offers seen a few beauties that will used to grace the roads from the ex-capital of British India. From a magnificent Rolls Royce to the sleek Mercedes, his camera roll houses pictures with some remarkable and rare vintage cars and trucks that can make heads turn.

Deepanjan also boasts for an incredibly rare car or truck in his collection- a new 1972 Fiat Premier President. Bought from some sort of school alumnus, the vehicle required some basic work like changing this fluids, some electrical adjustments, changing often the battery etc. And now it is a good vision to look at when it hits the road.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: Can you tell us a bit regarding your uncommon Fiat?

Deepanjan: My car is a Fiat Premier Chief executive 1972 through the first batch. So when Fiat seemed to be manufacturing motor vehicles here throughout India, until 1972 they were labeling the cars as 1100D. But then your collaboration between Fiat and PAL (Premier Automotive Limited) was cancelled. So it was renamed as PAL President plus manufactured with some basic cosmetic changes and this green car is coming from that 1st. But the exact story doesn’t end here. The government had some problems with the name President and the company was initially asked in order to rename that. After consideration, the MATE President was basically renamed as Padmini. Through 1974 onwards, all the cars were known as Premier Padmini. One can find lots of Leading Padminis found in the town, but it is quite unusual to find a Premier President. Typically the vintage value of your Premier Leader will always have the upper hand.

The logo and meter of the particular Premier President was changed and while comparing, the differences are visible in Top Padmini as well. (Photo: Srimoyee Chowdhury)

Q: What kind of vehicles have a person clicked during the occasions and which one took your own personal breath away? Do an individual have a vintage vehicle in mind that anyone wish to own someday?

Deepanjan: I possess clicked many automobiles till date: all models of Ambassadors, Fiats, Contessa and Standard Herald. Different models of MG, Buick, Rolls Royce, Austin tx, Morris, Volkswagen, Wolseley, Ford, Studebaker, Willys, Mercedes, Dodge, Ford and different two wheelers made simply by Vijai, Bajaj, BSA, Vespa etc . When i shoot autos regularly regarding magazines, Classic Drivers Club’s Sunday Drives and activities. The best car I photographed is a 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom. There are two cars that I want to be able to own someday- the Cadillac Eldorado Ninth generation (1971–1978) and a Mini Cooper.

Q: How did you come across this field of antique car repair?

Deepanjan: I am an animator by simply profession, but since childhood I have been interested inside of automotives. Most of the projects in addition to illustrations were based on of which as well. After I came back for you to Kolkata, Hindustan Motors shut down. That time I decided to make a documentary about the company and exactly how our generation was feeling about the decision of the company’s shutdown. After the film was produced, it won several awards as well.

(With special contribution from Indrojit Sircar’s course in Kolkata)

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